I Present to you the Suicide Squad member of Arrow Season 2

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In the next episode of Arrow Season 2 Episode 16 entitled “Suicide Squad”, we will witness for the first time complete members of the Suicide Squad that I can say each of them had their own technique also good in combat. In if you are wondering why Diggle was part of the member? We’ll if you watch the previous one when Diggle was put into the un-kwon person that he will meet one by one Suicide Squad members, including Deadshot who he was the person big brother of Diggle died.

Check out the complete Suicide Squad Members including out handsome Diggle.

Amanda Waller as Cynthia Adda-Robinson – We saw him for the first time that she appeared in the episode title “Keep Your Enemies Closer”, which she was the person who captures Diggle because she need to help him to save Lyla Michaels in Moscow. Cynthia is the head of the group called A.R.G.U.S (Advanced Research Group United Support). She’s technically not a criminal but looking forward that Diggle will be mad on her.

David Ramsey as John Diggle and Audrey Marie Anderson as Lyla Michaels – this will be exiting because this moment of time Diggle will work in the villain side which we all known that Diggle was also part of the Arrow team and hoping that Diggle and Oliver will not fight until death. In also including Lyla Michaels known under the codename Harbinger, is a high-ranking member of A.R.G.U.S. Lyla is the ex-wife of John Diggle during his time in Afghanistan, they have since rekindled their relationship.

Next is Michael Jai White as Ben Turner also known as Bronze Tiger – we saw him for the first time entitled “Identity” that he had an alliance to China White. He agreed to help her and the Chinese Triad with their business and he would get a chance to fight and kill The Arrow.

In also Sean Maher as Mark Scheffer a.k.a Shrapnel – she will appeared in Suicide Squad episode and we will expect to him that he was former toy shop owner and also a serial bomber. Which if you s till remember of numerous time Starling City experienced bomb terrorized and also endangered the life of Sebastian Blood, after he stop The Arrow and become member of the Suicide Squad.

In the DC comics universe, Mark Scheffer is a supervillain by the name of Shrapnel. In the show, he uses "Shrapnel" simply as an online alias.

In last but in the list that was Michael Rowe as Floyd Lawton (Deadshot) – Are you surprise to him? Ues he was the arc- enemy of our Diggle in that means he was part of the group Suicide Squad. Her first appearance since season 1whcih entitled “Lone Gunmen” Lawton was first seen as he killed James Holder and injured Oliver Queen in the process. Finding out the bullet was poisoned, Oliver tracked down Deadshot with aid from the Bratva to an apartment he had used before under the name Floyd Lawton.

I can say to Deadshot that he was good to his profession as an assassination of a person and also he was the person Diggle brother killed.

What you think to this new group of Arrow that they called themselves as the Suicide Squad?...

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