Colton Haynes Talks about Roy’s Path after the Mid-Season Finale “Three Ghosts”

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Do you watch the mid-season finale of Arrow season 2? I just blown away to the mid-season finale for many action and also an unexpected revelation. We will expecting that Roy Harper will have a super powers. 

Slade is now planning a new big time villain. He’s son Blood his ambition was revealed including Laurel in Blood will getting closer and may he will court him) Anyhow I just love this mid-season finale rather than in season 1 seems like life is going to get a lot harder for Oliver before it gets easier!

We are discussing right now to Roy Harper condition which all the fans are now asking what will happen tyo Roy Harper after the “Three Ghosts” episodes? According to greenarrowtv, that they had a interview with Colton Haynes (As Roy Harper) regarding the episode earlier this weeks, he discussing about what will hap[pen to Roy in coming next episodes, and in the interest of not spoiling y7ou guys, we’ve sa we’ve saved that for after the show’s Pacific Time airing tonight.

They asked Colton how this injection will effect he’s life and relationship’s? And if it might have parallels with the infamous “Speedy is a junkie” storyline from the 1970′s.
The threat of addiction is indeed there. “You know, it is genetic for Roy, so that’s going to be

an interesting aspect towards things,” Colton says before posing some questions himself. “It is that ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ thing, but at the same time, is Roy going to be stubborn and try to go about the things on his own because he has all this new found power and strength? Even more power and strength than the Arrow? Or is he going to trust the Arrow, who has been through this before with Slade? Or is Roy going to figure out that Slade had been through this? Is Slade coming back into the picture? So, now Roy has got a few great options. Is he going to join the Big Bad, or is he going to help with the greater good?”

So what can you say to Roy Harper path in next episode of Arrow Season which will be back on January 15, 2014.

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