Arrow Season 2 Casing Spoilers: Another Villain Play in the Set as Side Kick!

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Some recent spoilers they had revealed regarding the new villain to appear along a board the person will played as villain side-kick was Professor Ivo (Dylan Neal) in the upcoming second season of Arrow Season 2.

In the episode which the title is “Heroes” alum Jimmy Jean-Louis officially will play as a mysterious character called “The Captain” and he will appeared some several of the episodes and etc. Jean-Louis's character is described be “a mysterious and deadly associate of Anthony Ivo, and this person had an connection to a mystery of Arrow Season 2 called the 'Amazo' which I know to all the fans of DC Comics will familiar of this.

On  Dc Amazo was described as a robotic enemy of the Justice League of America, a deadly android designed by the mad scientist Professor Ivo. He has the ability to duplicate the powers of every member of the League, making him one of their most dangerous villains.

Originally, Amazo had the ability to copy one's powers, natural abilities, equipment, and DNA signature simply by looking at them. All of these enhancements have made Amazo quite possibly the single most powerful being ever known in the DCAU.

Will ‘The Captain’ become a new major villain to Startling City and possibly overthrow Anthony Ivo?

Arrow returns Wednesday, October 9th.

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