Amber Skye Noyes Joins the Cast of Beauty and the Beast Season 2

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This will be exciting because Amber Skye Noyes will enter in the cast of beauty and the Beast which I am freaking excited because I am number one fan of Amber because of her ability which is she can act, singer, and songwriter. She gained an early start in the business with brother and fellow actor Tyler Noyes, appearing in commercials, voice overs, and television roles. Originally hailing from Warren, New Jersey, Amber went on to attend Emerson College and later graduated from New York University.

Amber will be appear in the three episode of Season 2 which the title episode is “One Life To Live.”

She will played as “TORI”, her appearance is like a innocent girl and guest what she was a daughter of the most powerful beast that if you still remember that beast is the person who save the lives of Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) and then taken under their wing. But their is a problem she was in the protection but as he was in the protection she will have an shocking revelation about her life and her true identity.

But before we will see the series that Tori will appear let's watch Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 1: Who Am I? Which will air on October 7, 2013 only at

In the premiere episode Detective Catherine Chandler after the discovery that her life and everything was a lie and this time Cat was persevere to know the truth about the secrets and eager to revealed about her family. Cat must also try to navigate her developing relationship with good-looking doctor Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan), who conflicts with becoming a terrifying beast when he is furious, incapable to control his super-strength and heightened senses.

  • Amber is also a singer and songwriter.
  • Amber has an older brother, Tyler Noyes, who was also a character on One Life to Live in the 1990's.
  • Amber was once a whitewater kayaking instructor.

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