Arrow Season 2 Casting Spoilers: Amanda Waller Gets Cast

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On previous week we learned that Amanda Waller will be joined in the cast of the upcoming Season 2 of Arrow in when i read that spoiler i am excited which i can't wait to see her on the TV screen.

If you watch Spartacus and The vampire Diaries i know you are familiar to this face which she had a great acting to every character she played that in Spartacus she was kick some ass and i love the way she play in Spartacus had an character that can kill if you are good to her she will be good but if you gonna be bad she will kill you that you could not expected. In also on The Vampire Diaries she played as the powerful witch that i see that she was good also playing that role who been getting easy to familiarizes but sadly she killed because she wanted to revenge that her opponent was one of the member of The Original's which is Klaus if you watch that show but by the way you could see her on the Arrow Season 2. Cynthia Addai-Robinson as DC Comics villain or enemy and i think you will like her or hate her because this character will gonna be change and had an twist.

Amanda in Dc Comics described he was working for A.R.G.U.S which stand for Advanced Research Group United Support a Clandestine Agency that she had an interesting character in this woman had an key that true agenda of Arrow that who he really was and this creeps me out as i read it.

Waller runs the suicide squad, which introduction in Arrow Season 2 Episodes that she had a relation to Deadshot (Michael Rowe) teams up with bronze tiger which played Michael Jai White.

Cynthia will have an first apperance p the 6th episode of Season 2. Now the questioned is will Amanda Waller will be good laed on this role anyhow if you had an comment about this just see at below to have an short discusion and also this will lead as the suicide squad on Arrow?...

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