Spoiler Alert! New Girl Season 3 How Will Coach Affect the Boys?

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To all the fans of new Girl I know you been heard or read some of the articles that Coach (Damon Wayans Jr.) will be back in New Girl which mean he will appeared in Season 3. Now the question is we are prepared for his coming but how about the boys? We heard also that Winston (Lamorne Morris) that he will no be good to Coach and we will expecting some of the hit of this two funny people. In how about the two boy which was Schmidt (max Greenfield's) and Nick (Jake Johnson's?) I don't this two men but I know that if you gonna witness the New Girl Season 3 which will be premiere on September 17, 2013.

At my own opinion I’m excited for coach on new girl. Weirdly I’m most excited about that haha I know it’s small. I actually like all these shows listed, except Castle. I just can’t watch a show with a lazy main actor, sorry. If they don’t wanna work why would I wanna watch? Other than that I’m excited to see how long coach will stick around for too.
Lamorne Morris himself told TVLine that we’ll not only be getting a little bit more of the “backstory” between Coach and Winston, but some insight into how Schmidt and Nick see Coach’s comeback.

Lamorne] Morris says that Damon Wayans Jr.’s [Coach's] “homecoming” will serve up “a lot of backstory” between Coach and Winston as well as “explain why he left in the first place, and where he went.” As for how Coach’s return affects the other guys, “I think Schmidt is going to be very competitive, while Nick is going to be very happy,” Jake Johnson told me. “Nick and Coach were old friends, so it’s going to be nice for Nick. But I bet Schmidt is going to have an oodle of issues with it.”
So what can you say? Just comment at below some of the logic or theory what will be happen if Coach will be back I the show.

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