PLL Season 4 Halloween Episode Spoiler 'Revelation if Alison is Dead or Alive'

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This will be fun to all the Ali twin theories here is the boom because PLL-ers Alison actress which was Sasha Pieterse had an shocking revelation that we doesn’t expected and also we gonna excited to witness the revelation if Alli is Dead or Alive. Who Sasha Pieterse had an personal interview to E! Online that it sounds not the show creator, Marlene King is going to be taking the “twin route” anytime soon on the show.So what will happen just stay tuned on PLL Season 4 Halloween Episode Spoiler.

But is the season finale last week we learned at last who was “A” ezrA that I don’t see that coming and I see that was creepy and astoni9sh that he was A. In when Aria will discover this she gonna be piss off for we all known that Erza and Aria had an relationship that working right now but I might thinking their will be an complicated status around here. But also we learned that Allison is truly alive that she was around hiding a person who wanted to kill her.
Maybe he got Ali pregnant and tried to kill her? Or he is insanely in love with aria and knows that A is still targeting her and is trying to stop A, he does seem very suspicious but why was he wearing a cap not hoodie? We all know A has been wearing a hoodie for the other episodes..
“I think the writers and the producers have kind of mentioned that they’re not going in that route,” the actress confirms. “If there is such a thing as a twin in Rosewood, it’s probably not for Alison, that’s also something to keep in mind.

“There are twists and turns that I’ve heard about, but not when it comes to a twin. They keep us in the dark too so I won’t say never, but no not for now.”

Hmm…a possibility of a twin in Rosewood but not Alison’s twin? What do you guys think of that?

Sasha also revealed that we’ll be finding out sooner than we think whether that really was Ali’s funeral the girls attended…or if Alison is still alive.

“You will find out for sure in the Halloween episode,” she teases. “You find out if Alison is alive or dead and I think that is going to be a really cool thing for me and a really big treat.”

Bet now you really can’t wait for “Grave New World” this October, can you?

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