Is Emily Deschanel Played as Jess Sister on New Girl Season 3?

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To those who asking and wondering if Jess had an older sister we'll hers is a humor which i know you are interested to see in the newest Season 3 of New Girl. We all known at real life Zoey Deschanel had an older sister who was also an actress in the hit series "Bones" which her role in that show was an Dr. Temperance Bones Bennan, born Joy Ruth Keenan is a forensic anthropologist and works at the Jef Fersonian Institute in Washington, D.C.

I know that you are looking forward that will happen and all the fans of New Girl is also urges to see that will happen and i am glad that in the next Season of New Girl three will be an shocking revelations and special guest that we will be laugh out load on this show.

Now you are asking if Emily Deschanel will played as Jess siblings and this gonna be be pleasure and awesome thing that Emily will visit in New Girl that Emily will played as Jess sister which in the real world they are sister and what an awesome is that.

In New Girl Season 3 Episode 1 which the title episode is "All In" that will air on September 18, 2013. This premiere episode Nick and Jess will have an wonderful and great time to each other for the reason is they will make an romantic to the new border but their was an trouble to Nick because they will go in the wild adventure that that will come out an worse thing happen which Nick will arrested. In not only that we will see again Schmidt and Winston which they will be an good episode again and also i am looking forward that i can't anymore.

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