Teen Wolf Season 3B Spoilers: Scott as an Alpha, Complicated Relationships, Derek’s Soul-Searching and More!

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Teen Wolf Season 3 first half was a wrapped! It was an exciting and a lot of unexpected events happen in episode 12 for the first half of the Season 3. Now, we’ll get to have a chance to forward to the future of the second half of the season, and in what better way to do it is to be the executive producer Jeff Davis! Let’s check out what sizzling spoilers did he gave away for the fans. But before anything else, if you haven’t seen Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 12 online yet, visit tvserie5.eu with the full episode view. 
At the end of Episode 12, we’ve seen Derek leave with his sister Cora; will he come back? “He’s gone for a specific reason and he’s gone to a specific place. The reasons why come out in the first three episodes [of the second half of the season]. It’s a fun story. So he’s got some secrets that he needs to deal with and some questions as well”. 

At this episode too, Scott turned into an Alpha.. Davis also revealed that after Scott became an Alpha, “he’s going to have to trust, say, the twins and allow them to help — or push them away. He’s going to have to figure out the roles of his friends and his pack — people like Isaac, Allison and Stiles and Lydia. In a way, we’ve build a pack that is both human and supernatural. So I think it’s kind of a cool story to tell, especially in high school where everyone is essentially looking for their group. This is one that’s very all-inclusive.” 

Peter Hale is back to his evil side again? Oh… This show is just getting more interesting and exciting! “He wants to reclaim the throne. He wants to get his power back. He wants his dignity and his pride back. So we’re going to see how he works his mind games in the next half of season 3….I think he’s got a good plan ahead. But he’s not necessarily the big bad in the [second half] of the season. He’s someone who’s always there to take advantage of the situation. So he’s definitely an antagonist but we’re going to have some other villains next season who are quite different from villains we’ve seen before.” Davis stated on Peter Hale’s future on Teen Wolf Season 3B. 

Scott’s dad staying in Beacon Hills? (Oh… uh! I smell big trouble, though I kind a like his dad) just like Jeff said “His dad will definitely cause a lot of trouble. His dad is, actually, in a way, one of the biggest antagonists this season. It’s his search for the truth and his search for why there are so many murders and terrible things happening in this town. So he’s going to get in the way quite a bit.” Hmmm… What his character name anyway? 

Is Aidia official “in-relationship” now? How about Stydia? Aiden and Lydia are definitely going to find their relationship to be complicated as well because she understands that he was essentially one of the bad guys. And he wants to be with her and wants to be one of the good guys, and she has to learn that he needs to earn that place. Meanwhile, Lydia is becoming a hero in her own right, with the capacity to save people’s lives. All Aiden has ever done is damage. He’s death and destruction. So he’s going to have to redeem himself before he earns anything more than a physical relationship from her.” 

So, is Beacon Hills now a home for Evil? Jeff Davis also stated that Davis revealed “We talked a little bit about the new creature and new mythology at Comic-Con — the Kitsune myth from Japanese 

mythology. So that’s going to become a big issue, especially revolving around a new character, Kira, played by Arden Cho. So I think there’s going to be a lot of fun stuff this season.” 

What to expect on Teen Wolf Episode 13, “The first episode deals with the repercussions of what they’ve done in essentially bringing power back to Beacon Hills. And they’re all dealing with it in their different ways. What you’re going to see with Stiles is that he’s having a lot of trouble sleeping. He becomes a bit of a tortured soul in the first episode of second half of Season 3. They’re all feeling the effects and none of them are good. It’s going to be a difficult road for some of our characters.” 

So have you missed Teen Wolf yet? No worries, it will return soon that you won’t need to wait ‘til June, ‘coz Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 13 will air on January 6, better watch for it because it will another rush of exciting events that you would never forget. You may enjoy the latest Teen Wolf Episodes online here on tvserie5.com where you may enjoy with the full episodes from the previous seasons.

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