The Bradley vs Pacquiao 2 Drug Testing Issue has Finally Solved

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Whoa we are getting near to the fight of the year? So who’s your bet this time? Are Pacquiao fans or either Bradley? Just comment at below to have short discussion. Anyhow here’s the latest updates what will goanna be, for all still waiting what will be the drug test result between with this two athlete’s for all the issue regarding the subject say’s it resolved for Bradley vs.Pacquiao 2 fight.

Here’s the news, according to the certified Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) collection agency for they will handle the drug testing of this two people, while Nevada State Athletic Commission Chairman Francisco Aguilar called “stepped up drug and hormone testing”. I had no idea what they are doing for I hade into experience a drug testing but according to the news. Testing samples will undergo isotope-ratio mass spectrometry to detect exogenous testosterone from not in the inside but in the outside body (in I admit I had no idea what he talking about what word is that in what is the meaning of the words).

In one of the biggest issue is to Pacquiao side for the reason is he get the test in the Philippines (which they suspects that Manny will cheat, for the United States Anti-Doping Agency {USADA}). In I had a relief when I heard the news that two of them are drug free. For this is the good timing that this issue will end to the point, for its only 2 months after the fight.

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