Fresh Updates from True Blood Season 7: Arlene Have a Vampire Suitor

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We’ll who is excited of True Blood Season 7 Episodes? I am! For I just miss all the character especially Arlene for we left him in Season 6, where Terry Belleflur is dead. For that was the most emotional scene that I ever saw, and poor Arlene she just need the shoulder to hung on for I know the feeling of losing a person which much more heavy for the person died is her husband.

In Season 7 Arlene Fowler Bellefleur will appeared in the next season for according to the spoiler she will have new Suitor in this might you surprised but he was a Vampire and hoping he will be attractive with a nice body (just imagining).

We see the personality of Arlene that she’s a spunky; she says what she wants, sometimes disregarding others' feelings. In not only that she was a great housewife and caring for her children, that we saw it when their house was burning and she said I will not leave this place if I will see them. With a good heart when Skokie’s confess to her that she was a relationship to a vampire which referring to Bill.

The HBO smash is currently looking to cast a rock ‘n’ roll loving vampire named Keith who is the drummer in Nathan’s band. According to E! Online, who first learned the scoop, he will develop quite the crush on everyone’s favorite redhead in Bon Temps.

Better to tune it for this is the finale season... With a sad face! Farewell

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