Stiles Become a Hero? New Relationship and Exciting Scene of Teen Wolf Season 3b Finale…

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We’ll I will say that this Season of Teen Wolf was a big blast to me for I love the storyline which cycle on Japanese mythology with also shapes shifting creature. And also because you are one of the awesome fans of Teen Wolf, here’s what Tyler Posey also known as Scott spilled some of the scene and the Season 1 finale and his new arousing relationship of our dear Kira.

We’ll Stiles will be a Hero?... We all known that this two buddies are guarding each other back fro they are the model fo true friendship, I can see that they taking care each other and no giving up. In this time Stiles will take the center stage in this season. We saw some of the episode always they know each other and some of the secrets. In also Stiles is a person always knows everything for he had an answer every question and also a plan like a detective, you know what I mean right? According to Posey he said that the duo.
“But now that Scott sees him as a little vulnerable and kind of clueless as to what’s happening to him and around him, I think it forces Scott to step up and be the guy to bring him back to reality a little bit. Stiles is very much Scott’s rock, and he kind of keeps him together and that’s kind of what Scott’s job is this season for Stiles.”

Will Stiles Forever in the Dark Path?...  In Teen Wolf Season 3b we will see more dark side of Stiles. (But I will say to Dylan that he was a true actor two thumbs of that!)

Are we gonna see more Scott and Kira moment?... To those who fan of this two, we’ll we will expect more about this two lovely creature but for now they will just stay friend, as what Posey teased if ever happen officially in relationship… But this time they will stay friend and getting to each other, but I know in their heart they had a deep feeling to each other, for sure. But then again I think they both know they have to set those feelings aside for a second while they deal with saving the world. In whatever they will experienced I know this will be the way their connection to each other will be strong… and who knows one episode we see this two will blossom and mysterious way.

Are Ethan and Aide worthy of Trust?... As Tyler revealed to this twins for they are always going to be those suspicious adversaries. But we saw that they are also trying to be useful, in fact they are guarding Scoot and they could be wanting to get into Scott’s pack to take him down.

What will happen on the Season finale scene?... Posey shown that one of his favorite scenes this season will pop up in the season three finale (titled “The Divine Move”), and it’s between Scott and Melissa McCall (Melissa Ponzio)!

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