Pacquiao versus Bradley ll set on April 12 Stream on HBO PPV

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This year will be not boring anymore and my wish was granted for the reason is it’s official that Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley will have a rematch free stream on HBO PPV on April 12, 2014. Here some detail regarding the fight.

According to the Top Rank promoter officially announced the much awaited fight of the year for our fight Manny Pacquiao. On Aril 12, 2014 live on PPV, for the match will play will be many Pacquiao versus Timothy Bradley 2. In the fight will place on live at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday, April 12, and will be available through HBO PPV.

This fight first was just a humored which many will fight again Bradley, in according to my own opinion this fight will make a sense to me for I am waiting that Pacquiao will take the revenge. Pacquiao and Bradley first match in 2012. AT that time Bradley was just an underdog, meanwhile Pacquiao is a well-known boxer in fact he was the second spot after Floyd Mayweather in the sport’s top spot. In that fight Bradley “won” that fight via the decision, as one of the Pacquiao big fab I might said that fight must be for Pacquio. After that fight there was many controversial bursts the sport news, where that fight was just scripted for they are looking for the second math. It was right for this April this two people will fight again in the boxing arena.

But everything was change for Pacquioa was knocked out by Juan Manuel; Marquez, for I was so surprised that coming. In many question regarding Manny future in sport. After that once again Pacquiao prove himself to the world that he was still in track in fat last year he won over Brandon Rios. In the other side Bradley also won the fight over Ruslan Provosnikov in Fight of the Tear for 2013. Then Manuel Marquez fall down. For 2013 that was his year who he was topped a number of Fighter of the Year lists

In I can’t wait to Pacquiao versus Bradley fight 2. In I heard the news that Bradley was confident that he this second fight he will knocked down Manny!

So what you can say to this fight? Just comment at below to have short discussion.

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