This is it Felicity Smoak Shiny Moment on Arrow Season 2

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This is it! To all the avid fans of Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) for in Arrow Season 2 she will have a major role this time or maybe she will be regular in the show and I admit I am an avid fan of Felicity Smoak because of her personality, which very smart but is quite socially awkward. She is confident in her abilities, but is always insecure about her position in the company. Despite content with being just a mere geek and not looking for trouble, Felicity is not one to back from danger when there is a curiosity waiting to be sated.

FYI! Felicity Meghan Smoak is an Employee of Queen Consolidates, Oliver and Felicity become closer as partner is because when Oliver wanted the help pf Felicity to search something that it was an regular that Felicity familiar to him. But when Walter was been kidnapped, Felicity begun to search also Walter who behind of Walter missing that Oliver approach him to be with him to search what the hell is Walter and their was a big revelation when Oliver was wounded because of Dark Arrow and the person who was in the place where Oliver lay down on car on Felicity and that is it where Oliver and Felicity begun to close and partner in the mission.

In now I am freaking out to watch ArrowSeason 2 Episodes Online only at

The Executive Producer Andrew Kriesberg has revealed that “Felicity will find herself in a situation in which a parachute would certainly have come in handy!”.
Arrow returns to The CW on October 9th.

Do you want to see this new action-hero side of Felicity? And just what situation will cause Felicity to bring out her fierce side?

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