Twisted Season 1 Episode 6 “Three for the Road” Sneak Peeks

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Previously on Twisted Season 1 Episode 5 “Three for the Road”, As Green Grove prepares for the annual Fall Festival, the town residents are at odds over whether Danny should be allowed at the Festival. When Danny shows up, anxiety escalates into a riot, which Kyle has to quell. Green Grove's Mayor Rollins warning Kyle about the sheathing case and Jo's increasing involvement with Danny. Father and daughter find it increasingly hard to see eye to eye when Jo questions the implication of the necklace in the murder investigation. Lacey also wonders about the necklace and approaches Regina's mother, Gloria, for information. Meanwhile, Jo and Rico's friendship are strained as Jo spends more and more time with Danny. If you want to see Twisted Season 1 Episodes online with the full episodes here on with the full episode that you’ll surely enjoy. 

Check out the 3 new sneak peeks of Twisted Season 1 Episode 6 “Three for the Road” here below;
On July 18, 2013, Twisted Season 1Episode 6 will air at 8pm on ABC; Since Lacey found a new clue that connect to Regina’s boyfriend. It’s an envelope contains money with a letter saying “Here’s your last payment to keep your mouth shut” and they wonder to whom it came from. And what it’s for? So in the next episode, Danny, Jo and Lacey go on a road trip in order to expose new clues to Regina’s murder.

Who is the real killer, is it Danny or someone else? What did he/she kill Regina? Did Regina really know the reason of why Danny killed his aunt? If you’re interested to see Twisted Season 1 Episode 6 online you may visit with the full episode that you completely enjoy. Get more spoilers and latest news about Twisted.

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