Dexter Spoilers: Hannah Mckay Returning to Dexter Season 8

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It is a big surprise in the season seven that Dexter got a new apple of her eye and makes him to fall in once again but this girl is totally a killer likes to be the florist Hanna Mckay that killed his husband by poisoning it but she can’t do it with Dexter. She might suddenly disappear in the previous season but we just have the great news to the lovers of Dexter.  

I’m just wondering if the strange florist will be back in Dexter season 8 episodes to stir up Dexter’s life and we are glad to hear it YES. She is expected to return in the middle of Dexter’s finale season in a very interesting way. She   and Dexter will always have the magnets in each other and they can be attractive but sometimes a repulsive. Since Dexter is a psycho path person we wants to see the emotional journey that he have in experiencing in what kind of human being is all about.

In the previous season of the series  she just enter in Dexter’s life such a snap and  gone  immediately but I am just wondering  how Dexter will handle the things as she’s back the things with Deb and his son. Definitely these florist killers have the strong in mind and sense stirring up some trouble with Dexter’s life. Will Dexter be with him again? I don’t maybe yes or maybe know or she might end up again in the table wrap with plastics in the second time and Dexter let to do the things he must need did before.

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