Welcome Back Matt Davis as Regular in TVD Season 6

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Finally Hottie historian is finally back! We miss him so much. I am getting excited to witness the Season six of The Vampire Diaries. So, Matt Davis is returning in the series.

Matt re-presented his role one again as Alaric J. Saltzman appearing in the finale episode of season 5, I saw Alaric as a ghost with Elena seeing his body was toasted after they suicide plan with Damon just kill off all the Travelers in Mystic Falls. When I saw him I shouted like no tomorrow and he also appeared when Damon get up and saw Carol trap in the wall thanks to the hot historian he assist Damon to get Carol in safe place.

Thanks to the successful spell what Liv perform, where Silas help them in strange way with Bonnie where she was the anchor capable to bring back his friends it happen that Damon and Alaric saw Bonnie that they will wanted to pass through, Bonnie grab Alaric which ,means he was bring back in the real world. In because Damon was last and Aaron cannot take it anymore his sister struggling to the spell, Aaron interrupt the spell and that is the reason why Damon cannot pass through that he trap with Bonnie.

I know you are excited to see him more… but to those newbie of this show Alaric appeared several episode in TVD that he was first a history teacher, then a vampire hunter, a town council member, Elena and Jeremy's caretaker, and then as one of Damon's few good friends. Alaric die in Season 3 finale where Ester controlling his body as ultimate weapon to kill the originals and not only that he also appearing as a ghost some of the episodes. But this is it we will see him in flesh and also regular in the show. If you doesn't see Alaric died in Season here The Vampire Diaries Episodes Online.

I am hoping that if he come back as regular he will me a vampire because he died as a vampire after make him and this is awesome if he will be Originals vampire but not on the dark side because I am happy if he will be is the good side protecting Elena, Jeremy and his friends in Mystic Falls.

What can you say that Matt Davis will back as Regular in the show, are happy?

My Reactiom when i learn Alaric is back!...

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