TVD Season 5 Spoilers – Brand New Three Characters Roles Revealed

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Now this is exciting for The Vampire Diaries Season 6 is renew and this is gonna be good thing to hear about it! In because you are one of the best fans here’s another spoiler that will added in the characters not only one but thrice person who I find three of them attractive person. For they are a major recurring role, plays by Raffi Barsoumian as Markos which he was a charismatic but imposing leader from faraway land. In this not good for the reason is he was a villain with a super dark, but people cannot disobey him but time after time people a drawn and worshipped by his followers. Markos is a variant of Marco (Latin), Marcus (Latin) and Mark (Latin). The meaning is "dedicated to Mars".

In I just don’t know if this is true because I found out that Markos possibility that he might be the Tarvellers leader. In if this true, so meaning might be the primary antagonist who fifth season of the whole. In he had a secret plan for Elena and Stefan as they are doppelgängers. His origins are supernatural. In I find his character goanna be a badass person.

I find this show the female character are all of them attractive and because this might be added one for their will be another beauty which her name is Heather Hammens. For she was former Hellcat played as Maggie. She is the girl Enzo was talking about to Damon in the episode title “The Cell” and she will be Enzo love interest. Describe as a kind, warm and fetching medical student, with a compassionate soul and a lot of courage, which will be tested when her feelings for Enzo lead her down a dangerous situations.

FYI Maggie was not part of the Augustine torture and experiments and had no idea who was Dr. Whitmore and he just observing Maggie her behavior. According to Enzo he didn't have the heart to tell her and when she did find out what was going on she apologized to him and left. I just hope she isn't the latest in a line of characters like Jessie, April (although I really don't miss her), Aaron, Jamie, and others that I can't remember that don't last very long. It's almost like they keep throwing characters into the mix and seeing which ones will stick this season.

In last one is Luke (Chris Brochu) will appear in the episode title “Family Reunion”, in find as attractive person and also sarcastic! According to E! Online for she was described to sacrifice himself just to protect his sister. Here’s short trivia regarding this character, he will spending the time with Caroline, Bonnie and Elena. In he’s a gay and insight into what the war between the witches and the travelers will mean for the doppelgängers.

In I had short logic about Luke character It could be Liv (the witch) is his sister. Since he will be very protective of his sister and his agenda has to be something to do with the Travelers and the Witch covens. In this might be interesting not to miss The vampire Diaries Episodes Online.

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