Here is the Two Reason why you must Watch The Walking Dead Season 4!

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Last year which was December 21 st 2012 AMC announced that they will renewed The Walking Dead Season 4. From the trusted source which was Glen Mazzara this person story editor, and writer for the fourth and fifth seasons of Nash Bridges. He joined the drama series, The Shield as an executive story editor and writer for its first season in 2002 that he confirmed he will be involved in the storyline of The Walking Dead 4.

In they started filming on May 6, 2013 which this season will composed of 16 episodes. Scoot Gimple New Showrunner taking over for Glen Mazzara. The Governor, contempt an initial one-season contract. A new fictional character was proclaimed for casting, who was later revealed to be Bob Stookey from the comic series. Bob is going away to be delineate by Lawrence Gilliard Jr. He will be a series day-after-day.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 1 “30 Days Without An Accident” this episode will be plot the group of Rick they decided to live at the prison, and strives to hold unto humanity, until their was an terrible accident happen in the group.

The Walking Dead season 4 premiere is only days away! As you counting down the remaining days, you might wanna check out several spoilers burst on the new season of The Walking Dead.

Here is the reason you must not miss this season:
  •     Things are very different at the prison when the series returns: Rick is no longer a leader. He’s also no longer crazy, but that doesn’t mean that he’s handling his newfound position well. In fact, he’ll come across a fellow survivor who has also done terrible things to survive that will make him realize that there may be no redemption.

  •     The group will have bigger fish to fry when old-school issues become major problems in this new world.

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