The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Casting Spoiler: Who is Aaron?

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We all known many of newest character are heading in this season 5 and the person who I am strike is Aaron (Shaun Sipos) because of his appearance who had a blue eyes and handsome guy. I just exhausted seeing human at the end they are vampire like Matt, Caroline and also Elena but guest what there is a person who will arrive in the Whitmore College in Season 5 of The vampire Diaries and this is going to be amazing!.. I just want to remind you The Vampire Diaries Season 5 will air on October 3, 2013.

Ladies keep cal and don't get too excited because Aaron was truly a one handsome guy that their was a one major character that Aaron will close as in friendship will going on in the future and no other else is Elena. We'll I know you are anticipated to know what will be their story of Aaron and reason why he in Whitmore and I will give you a glimpse of Aaron life that he had a tragic past to his life who we will see at the episode will past.

Though it is just a friendship, it’s one of those deep friendships that could be seen as threatening to boyfriends,” executive producer Julie Plec tells Entertainment Weekly. Uh-oh!ould this friendship cause some problems in Elena’s relationship with epic love Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder)?

Aaron will appear in the episode title which was “Monster's Ball.” Aaron is a attractive co-ed who had an mysterious connection to dearly departed. Aaron comes to college to running away his "tortured past" where he meets Elena and bond over the fact they have both survived dark family tragedies.

Here are some of trivia that I am assured will happen! According to spoilers Aaron connection in a heartfelt way away and looking forward that he had a special ability that I am excited to see what is that. We'll Elena was attracted to Aaron that I am sure they will have a love scene but the question is what will be the action of Damon if he knows that he had another person competition to Elan's heart. In also JP aforesaid Elena relationship with Aaron can be "That could be seen as threatening to boyfriends"

So Aaron most possibly could be a human or a warlock. Only humans can become mediums and warlocks have it as a basic power. I'm not sure if werewolves can have other powers, but Aaron is most likely a human or a warlock.

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