The Vampire Diaries Season 5: How Damon figures out Stefan is Silas?

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I am so excited to witness again the epic and interesting story of The vampire Diaries Season 5 which their had an spin-off of The originals will airing too in the same time!

In the Vampire Diaries Season four finale which the episode title is “Graduation” we saw an intense scene and shocking revelation that I wasn’t expected. In the scene that still stock in my mind is where Stefan wanted to throw Silas body in the falls but when Stefan get Silas body he was surprise because Silas body is not there and when Stefan turn around he was shock to see a person to his behind and this scene I was astonish because he had an doppelganger! the dodgy immortal then staked the pensive Salvatore brother, barred him up tight in the coffin/vault meant for himself, and tossed him over a cliff into the water. CREEPY!!!

Now this time as a doppelganger which mean describe a paranormal double of a living person. The first doppelgänger line introduced in the series is the Petrova doppelgänger line. Katherine Pierce and Elena Gilbert are doppelgängers of Tatia, the progenitor of the Petrova line. A Petrova doppelgänger is estimated to be born once every 500 years. Another doppelgänger bloodline descends from Silas, whose only known doppelgänger is Stefan Salvatore.

Get ready to witness the most awkward reunion ever when the Salvatores literally hug it out after their summer apart. You’d think that a hug from Stefan would be Damon’s first clue that something is up!
So what will be you reaction if Damon will find out that his brother was loss and the person was Silas and I am freaking out what will be the next objective to Silas. In if you wanted to get more insight to the new season of The Vampire Diaries just visit on

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