Teen Wolf Season 3 Spoiler: Scott becomes a True Alpha, Episode 7 “Currents”

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So it’s really true, Scott can become an Alpha. When Deaton was captured, Scott and the others try to find out where could he be being held? Though, Allison is forbidden from interfering with supernaturals that’s been happening in Beacon Hills, she still finds a way to help her friends. She was wondering about why is her father being so secretive, she then tries to figure it out herself. That’s when where she found about the map that her father keeps in his office, it’s the Beacon Hills Map which is marked with and invisible ink. The mark places are the same places where was kidnapped and killing happens.

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Unfortunately, Scott had to choose between Derek and Deaton, who should help/save first? Good thing that Scott is with Stiles, Cora and Lydia. He decided to go help Dr. Deaton while the others help Derek. When Scott arrives at the vault, he then tried to enter the mountain ash circle though it wasn’t that easy but he still did try. As he keeps on trying, that’s where started to turn into werewolf side, as Deaton saw him trying to save him where he also seen him turning from Beta to an Alpha.

At the end of the episode, Dr. Deaton told Scott what he saw while he was trying to enter the circle of Mountain ash, he said that “Scott, your eyes turned red, breed red..” Scott was was surprised for what Deaton said.

"It's rare, something doesn't happen within a thousand years but every once in a while, a beta can become Alpha without having to steal or take that power, they call it a True Alpha, someone who rises purely in strength in courage, virtual and human force of will."

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