Arrow Season 2 Casting Spoiler: Caity Lotz as Black Canary

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It seems I might thinking you will not like or love this new for the reason is to all laurel fans, it was confirmed that Laurel will not be as Black Canary as what I read an famous site I was shock to what I read. Which I’m thinking So many fans are going to be pissed. Oh boy! I personally do not see Katie Cassidy as Black Canary so I'm not upset at this news. (I don't hate the girl I just don't like her character at all.)

But also this will be an interesting choice be made.. for this girl when I googled her and none of her previous work is stuff I like to watch, for I might not judge her first just keep calm and gave her a shot for this. In also I'm just confused by this but it should be interesting to say the least...maybe she will have more chemistry with Stephen Amell's Oliver?

Caity Lotz will be part of Arrow Season 2 which she will play as Black Canary.

For a time the Black Canary will kickoff out as a recurring role, Lotz is hoped-for to sooner or later she will become a series regular, as her character will be groomed as a love interest for Arrow (Stephen Amell).

In if you are addict fan of the comics of green arrow, The Black Canary was famous character in the DC Comics and this time I was excited to see gain Black Canary in human which the producers “Arrow” are high potential.
Black Canary is a superhero vigilante who fights crime using martial arts and a sonic scream attack. She is one of the greatest fighters in the DC Universe, and also a strong tactical mind. Her costume is an attractive black outfit with fishnet stockings and blonde hair, and she is usually seen riding her motorcycle. There have been two Canaries to share the legacy.
The CW Network has set a date for the premiere of the second season of Arrow and that date is October 9th, the episode will air at 8 pm eastern time, 9 pm central.

What can you say this new character of Arrow Season 2!

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