Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 4 Review

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Darn! We've just witnessed another mysterious and interesting episode of Teen Wolf which just aired last night. Entitled “Unleashed”; Stiles was so eager to prove the killing have nothing to with the Alpha Pack, he knows that something else is happening other than the rival Alpha pack. Oh, FYI, if you haven’t able to see Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 4 yet you may visit telepisodes.net for the full episode.

So since Scott is too dealing with the Alpha twins, he then decided to investigate it himself. He then turn into Dr. Deaton and asks for his help and expert opinions about the matter. Meanwhile, Isaac was get teased by Ethan and Aidan who actually intentionally lock him and Allison inside the stock room. And because Isaac was use to be lock up in a box, he then gone hysterical and panic with the thought of not getting out of that room; and because of that he began to turn into his violent side and tried to hurt Lydia yet Scott was there to help them out. (It seems that Isaac still have a trauma from the things that his father uses to do to him; locking him up at the basement inside in box.

Because of what happen to Isaac and Allison, Scott decided to get even to Ethan and Aidan where Scott intentionally disassembles the motorcycle of Aidan and bring it inside the classroom, while Isaac drives Ethan’s bike inside of the school which teased to go outside, and then everybody’s goes outside and caught Ethan holding on into the bike. Ms. Blake told him that because of what happen it could lead him into a suspension. That made Scott and Isaac satisfied since they just fall into their trap.

Meanwhile at Derek’s, a steel pipe still embedded in Derek’s torso, says Deucalion is a fanatic. The leader of the Alphas explains that Derek has never seen anything like him before. He then launches into the following speech accompanied by lightning and thunder from an approaching storm.

I am the Alpha of Alphas.
I am the apex of apex predators.
I am death, destroyer of worlds.
I am the Demon Wolf.

On the last line his voice rises in volume to the point that his dark glasses crack.
Kali removes the pipe and Derek collapses on the floor. “

I can’t tell everything in here, just see it yourself to enjoy fully.

Well, anyway Teen Wolf Episode 5 will air on July 5, 2013 at the same time, so you better tune in here for more spoiler update. You may also visit telepisodes.net to the full episode of Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 5 all for free.

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