Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 4 "Face Time" Promo Plus Sneak Peek

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The investigation is going on about Wilden’s death in the Rosewood but more things are getting into complicated as A gets a one step ahead with the liars in targeting their parents. As the case of WIlden is going on everyone that knows him are a suspect to be especially the liars Hanna, Emily, Aria and Spencer. As the time goes by more and more secrets are being revealed but more questions are being ask for.

In the episode most of the appearance are they have concerning about their mom but except Spencer which his parents always doesn't come home unlike Emily, Hanna and Aria. Hanna always states with the liars that her mom Ashley didn't kill Wilden and they believe about it. I just also have noticed in this episode Mona doesn't have the appearance at all the she goes into the other town or a trip and she have no idea what is all about is happening when she is gone. A new character is being back in the Rosewood in the first episode Mrs. DeLaurentis and again Melissa is back in the Rosewood that makes things so complicated for the liars to be especially with Spencer and she is a friend of Allison and also knows Wilden.
Meanwhile Caleb just seen Hanna and her mom are in the hard situation right now after Wilden’s death and it makes him turn to Mr. Marin that his family needs him right now in the rough situation. While Toby is upset in knowing the really story about her mom’s death in Radley and she says it all to Spencer. In the information that Toby have know her mom is allegedly jump into the window that makes the cause of her death and it makes Spencer lead a decision that she and Toby are going back to Radley to know the truth in her mom’s death.
Hanna goes to the Police Department to give Emily's mom flowers, but she is not there at the time. Hanna notices a suspect board on the wall in another office and goes in to see that Detective Holbrook has been tracking the entire situation to find who killed Wilden. Holbrook sees her there and tells her to step outside and Hanna asks why she is up there. He says lots of people are on the board: people that knew him and people that didn't even know they knew him. They see Melissa come in and Holbrook goes up to her and takes her into an office.

When Hanna got home she is talks to her mom with the bathroom door and telling sorry for what she have did but inside Mrs. Marin seems nervous and upset while standing in the sink while the bath fills with water. This is makes me to think all over again Mrs. Marin attitudes in the few days is seems different after the body of Wilden is found.

That night, Emily gets a text from A which has a picture of her mom that was edited to make her look like she is behind prison bars. Pam comes in and tells Emily that her dad is coming home from the army because family services called him too.

The last part of the episode shows A putting on a record of the song, "Dem Bones" and then putting up an x-ray of Emily's hurt shoulder that must have been stolen from Dr. Vargas.

In the next episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 4 “Face Time”, Lt. Tanner, Holbrook partner goes to the town of Rosewood to investigate more about Wilden’s death and the connection of the liars into it. Emily panics when her parents come under undue scrutiny due to “A’s” manipulations. Hanna bristles when Caleb tries to help her through this latest crisis, and tries to shift the focus of the police investigation. And Toby finds a new source of information into his mother’s death, but it only leads to more questions.
Here is the episode promo of upcoming Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 4:

Here are the Sneak Peek of the upcoming episode.

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