Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 2 Turn of the Shoe

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 A is definitely alive if you just seen the season finale of the season 3 only Hanna and Mona seen who really is wearing the red coat that comes arrive in the burning home where Aria, Hanna, Emily and Mona are while Spencer is outside the house with Toby. When the four get suffocated by the smoke they get unconscious but someone help out them to get out in the burning house and they get back their conscious and Hanna saw Ali and also Mona but Aria and Emily didn't see it at all.

In the season premiere of the series in makes a new members of the liars Mona after the revelation and happening in season 3 Mona turns back to the liars again and hoping they will help her who really the girl in the red coat is. In the incident that the house is burned and the car of Wilden is within and the recorded video is keep on playing. How come the car got their because Hanna push it through the lake and sink. Who is responsible in getting Wilden’s car in the lake it could be A? The girls comes into the car and seen the video about Wilden and her found a dead pig but later on WIlden’s body is found near the car. It is been clear that all of these are a set up thing. Now Mona is so eager to find out who is the red coat she is now one of the liars. Mona reveals some secrets while playing third-degree: she didn't get the car out of the lake, Shana knew Jenna before she came to Rosewood (and they are afraid of Melissa), Lucas gave Emily the massage, she recruited Toby when he got that job in Bucks County, and she didn't push Ian off the bell tower (and doesn't know who did).

Mona would show the girls, the video of Wilden and "Melissa" on the Ghost Train, wearing the Queen of Hearts Costume. However, before "Melissa's" face was revealed the video was cut off and Mona just turn off the computer. One of the surprising characters is back in the season premiere of the series Mrs. DeLaurentis Allison’s mother is back in the town of Rosewood. A new "A" takes place, The Lady in Black, and it is revealed that she wore the burnt up Alison mask at the funeral. It's possible she is red coat, and wore the mask the night of fire, and Hanna really didn't see Alison.
A Mona doll in an A hoodie is added to the dolls of the four liars in A's lair, hinting that Mona has become a victim like the four other girls.Jenna has a third degree burn on her hand. It's pointed out by Jenna that everyone who saw Ali on the night she died is dead or are probably going to die.

Jenna's vision is blurry and it is possible that the smoke from the fire made it worse. The mysterious person, who was at the lodge with Spencer and Toby, is most likely The Lady in Black. On the fact that she wore the burnt Ali mask.

In the next episode of Pretty Little Liars season 4 episode 2, Mrs. DiLaurentis' lifestyle in Rosewood is regularly on the unnerve all those around her, especially when she gives Hanna family associates members a parrot, whose existing for mimicry provides amazing knowing into Alison's last periods. Fed up with feeling hopeless against "A," Aria selects to comprehend self security and is interested by her eye-catching instructor. Meanwhile, Toby shares a dreadful key with Spencer, and Hanna makes an concerning growth regarding her mom. Watch out the coming episode this coming Tuesday night only on ABC Family.

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