Dexter Season 8: Things are strange from Cop to Killer

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Did you miss him the man in the bright side that turns to be in the bad side in killing other people that comes in her way? I’m sure you did just a few weeks to go and finally the long wait is over and he will be back your television screen. Dexter season 8 maybe things are going to be strange if you just have remember in the season finale of the series Deb transforms herself to be a killer instead to be in the side of the justice letting Dexter’s free. Season seven is one of the season that truly a revealing one Deb just caught up Dexter and soon help out to burn the crime scene in killing Travis Marshal but it is a hard time for Deb to get on with her life since she already know what is really her brother is and she in loved with him. We met also a revealing character that makes Dexter finds its wild sad with Hanna. Things didn't turn out with each other and soon Hannah being arrested and escape and reveals to be back in the season 8. 

 Killing LaGuerta change the whole image of Deb in season 8 she will be left the Miami Home side Police department and she will go in a bad place. All these things are scene by Dexter in what is happening in her younger sister and in this point he needs to do something as act of responsibility for what happened and making things to be right but seems the right time is not in the line and things are not exacting connecting. She will need to have a more attention in this season after what she had did to LaGuerta and leads her in the bad side of her life on feeling guilty for the person that suppose to be in the good side in knowing the truth that her brother is truly a serial killer. Dexter’s life in season 8 will be as usual having the focused in his son but more people are crossing in her way again such as Dr. Vogel that knows the real Dexter is and Hannah I’m sure she will be back a dangerous, and admittedly a very attractive to Dexter. 

 It seems that Dexter season 8 will be full of action and more revelations to be as a few weeks to go they are back so don’t miss this coming June 30, 2013 only on Showtime.

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